HANYO Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring Malaysia are made from PVC raw materials and are constructed using three fundamental layers. The top layer consists of a UV coating layer that prevents and minimizes the degree of discolouration and PVC wear layer that generates a high level of resistant towards scratches and dusts, making the vinyl flooring maintenance efficient and effective. The middle layer is printed design layer that used advance imaging technology to imprint the vinyl tiles with realistic natural wood impression. The bottom layer is base layer cum stability layer that combine to achieve a high overall structural strength which greatly enhance the durability of the vinyl tiles.

LVT is also one of the most versatile flooring materials available, as it can replicate naturally the look and style of various flooring materials like wood, concrete, marble and stone. This material is designed to keep floors protected, especially in high-traffic areas, such as commercial shop, or residence kitchen. As a leader in the flooring industry, HANYO offers LVT flooring, supply, installation and more. Check out the other advantages of our luxury vinyl tile flooring below.

Resilient Material

One of the main reasons why LVT flooring is so durable is because of how it’s made. Luxury vinyl tile is made of several layers that are fused together under heat and pressure, which form a resilient material designed to withstand heavy traffic and wear and tear.


No matter how much protection you want for your floors, all LVT materials are waterproof. Because the core layer of LVT is made of vinyl, it is less susceptible to water damage and warping than other flooring materials. If you live in a humid climate with high rainfall and lots of moisture in the air, consider luxury vinyl tile in your home. It is great for areas that see the most foot traffic or contact with water.

Low Maintenance

Instead of worrying about waxing and polishing hardwood floors or getting a stain out of carpet, live stress-free with the low maintenance of LVT flooring. Daily sweeping or dry mopping will take care of the majority of dirt tracked over the floors, in addition to the design and patterns that help disguise dirt from day-to-day foot traffic. In addition, the hard and durable ‘wear layer’ on top of the tile makes it a great flooring option for homes with pets or kids.

Standard packaging information: Size 183mm x 915mm per pcs
0.1mm Wear Layer, 3.0mm Thickness, 20pcs/box = 3.3489sqm/box
0.3mm Wear Layer, 3.2mm Thickness, 19pcs/box = 3.181sqm/box

HANYO VINYL TILE FLOORING structure specification:

1st Layer: UV COATING
2nd Layer: WEAR LAYER
3rd Layer: Decorative LAYER
5th Layer: BASE LAYER

Vinyl Tile Cutting procedure: